The Fritsch Premium Line Principle

The Fritsch Premium Line principle is to design and manufacture high quality laboratory sample preparation instrumentation, which uses advanced concepts and technologies to enhance the performance and operation. The Fritsch Premium Line is: safer, faster and more user-friendly to use than comparable technologies and will produce excellent sample preparation results, which can be accurately and easily reproduced.

Fritsch have applied the Premium Line principle to two of the planetary ball mill systems, the Premium Line Pulverisette 5 and Premium Line Pulverisette 7.

Premium Line Pulverisette 7 Planetary Ball Mill

The first Premium Line instrument developed by Fritsch was the Premium Line Pulverisette 7 planetary ball mill. For the first time, the grinding bowls were sunk into the planetary / rotating disk of the ball mill, which allowing greater speeds of rotation, which hugely increases the impact energy during milling.

The Premium Line planetary ball mill, can be used at a maximum speed (of the planetary disk) of 1,100rpm (the rotation speed of the grinding bowl is 2,200rpm). This revolutionary, compact, bench top instrument has been specifically designed to produce ultra-fine powders and nanoparticles and be operated in a glovebox environment.

To enhance the operation of the Premium Line planetary ball mill, a touch screen menu has been incorporated into the design, together with many new safety features:

  • Various sensors inspect the position of each of the grinding bowls, prior to milling, before the closing mechanism shuts – these same sensors will also determine if the grinding bowls are present.
  • Process reliability is defined - the instrument automatically detects the inserted grinding bowls (via a RFID chip), to optimise the rotation speed and prevent impermissible grind settings.
  • SelfLOCK – an automatic check of the locks in the mill, which blocks any impermissible operating states, with automatic shut off, if any imbalance occurs.
  • The SelfLOCK mechanism restricts the grinding speeds at which the larger grinding balls can be used for milling.

Premium Line Pulverisette 5 Planetary Ball Mill

The Premium Line Pulverisette 5 planetary ball has been developed following market demand to work with larger sample volumes (up to a maximum of 225ml in each grinding bowl), after the Fritsch Premium Line Pulverisette 7 planetary ball mill, was established as the ideal laboratory research tool to produce small quantities of ultra-fine powders and nanoparticles.

Like the Fritsch Premium Line Pulverisette 7 planetary ball mill, the Premium Line Pulverisette 5, also operates with two work stations and can be used with the following grinding bowl sizes and can be used at a maximum speed of the planetary disk of 800rpm (the rotation speed of the grinding bowl is 1,600rpm).

The Premium Line Pulverisette 5 planetary ball mill, also uses a touch screen menu and incorporates a uniquely designed grinding bowl holder and clamping mechanism to secure the grinding bowls before and during operation.

Design characteristics of the Fritsch Pulverisette 5 Premium Line Planetary Ball Mill

  • Motor driven (ServoLOCK) clamping mechanism, which is independent of the user.
  • Over pressure detection / release by the ServoLOCK clamping mechanism.
  • Grinding bowl detection system using an RFID chip.
  • LED illumination that the grinding bowl is correctly inserted.
  • Touch screen menu.
  • Programme storage and recall.

Both Fritsch Premium Line planetary ball mills, can be operated and controlled by the MillControl software, which can be used for the following:

  • Control and validation of the planetary ball mill.
  • Monitoring and graphical display.
  • Creation and storage of SOPs.
  • Report generation
  • Archive memory for storing all milling trials.
  • Rotational speed and power consumption.

It is also possible to measure the gas temperature and pressure inside the grinding bowls (using the special grinding bowl lids with a transmitter and receiver board).